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Get the representation that you need with your case

When you need help with your criminal law, persona injury from

an automobile accident, or traffic violation, we can help you have representation.  We take pride in serving our customers to the

best of our ability and using our skills to take care of them!  

With 19 years of experience, we have seen and helped many people in a bind, and we can help you!

At Fleming Law Office, we understand your concern for your future when you get hit with criminal charges.  

Let us get your good

name cleared!

If you were hurt in an automobile accident and

you need compensation for medical bills or missed work, we will work to ensure you

get what you deserve.

If you find that you've gotten traffic violations that are unfair or jeopardize your ability to keep your license, we can argue your case, to help

you toss the tickets.

At Fleming Law Office, we are never out of reach.  We are just a phone call or email away and that means your goals are attainable. Reach out to us

for a consultation.

Criminal law help

Hurt in an accident?

Clear traffic violations

Only a call away

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